Develop a Safety Plan-After You Leave

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It is also crucial that you have a plan to increase your safety and your children's safety after you have left the abusive situation. Here are some important steps to consider.

  • Get a restraining order against your abuser.
  • Inform family, friends, neighbors that you have a restraining order in effect
  • Keep a copy of your restraining order with you at all times. Keep another copy somewhere in your home and put one in your car. Give a copy to the local police where you live and where you work. Give a copy to your employer and to officials at your children's school, day care facility or with their baby-sitter. If possible, attach a photo of your abuser to the copies you place at work and at your children's day care.
  • Inform the people who take care of your children who has permission to pick up your children.
  • Avoid stores, banks, restaurants, theaters, etc. you used to frequent when you were with your partner.
  • If your abuser violates the restraining order, call the police.
  • Have a back up plan in the event the police do not respond quickly.
  • Change your locks and secure your residence.
  • If you have thoughts of returning to a potentially abusive situation, attend support groups or call someone for support.