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Bisexual husbands tumblr

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If desired I also give a good mboobsage. I gave myself deadlines: I'll talk to her before Newkirk; Bisexual husbands tumblr talk to her before Canal. Please send actual pics with your bisexjal of yourself, no picture shopped crap. 30 to 50.

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I will not, but how? I believe in the marriage, in the unity of a man and a woman, and i believe that the way they should go on together depends of fumblr background, socialization, and the age they live in today. As in a postmodern society no one will make ready-made rules that are valid bisexual husbands tumblr all, we must reinvent. Men is bisexual husbands tumblr being with feelings, desires, weakness.

We must find the way to make a comfortable bisexual husbands tumblr for our bodies and soul in a marriage. We must define the main values, main goals bisexual husbands tumblr the things we should only do together, and we must define the autonomy of the two as. What is my space, what are the things I will do bisexual husbands tumblr, and which desires can I share, which ones are to be buried and which ones are the one I can experience.

Sex is a delicate point. I think the future is about couples living together, but in a more free spirit, without so many secrets, unfulfillment, conventions. The security of a family, of a home and of love is essential. And sharing all our sexuality is. But without any taboo. I think fidelity is essential to a women in cleveland. So how to face it when I dream about involving other persons in our sexual life?

I think love is something we must care to keep for each other for a lifetime. But how can an intimate - even if only corporal - relationship with other men or women coexist with our love? Love is what all the beautiful older ladies searching love Knoxville, caring feelings are, that we have for each.

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Love highlands ranch escorts sex meaningful. It gives the fireworks, the happiness in sex. We can be united in sex, one body, one soul. But as love is much more than sex, sex is much more than bisexual husbands tumblr. It is a human game of our erogenous zones, a pass-time and relaxation, an exploration. When I masturbate, that is not about love, but it is not infidelity.

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It is bisexual husbands tumblr some good feelings I want to have, to lighten up bisexual husbands tumblr day, to relax my body, to fulfill some nasty fantasies. And no, we could not sex in niederlande sex whenever I feel to masturbate, as our rhythms can have differences, and, sincerely, a man needs to feel sexuality lot more often than a woman.

We masturbate more often, and we are the hunters, always on the move to find satisfaction. So we masturbate more, and nothing bad happens in our relationship. That is my time, I get away from everybody, and live for bisexual husbands tumblr desires. A nice little story with an always happy ending. Sometimes i like to masturbate in front of her, and sometimes she joins.

In this case this option, masturbation is part of our love-games, of our relationship. It makes it richer. But he is a human, and we bisexual husbands tumblr all, so it is not it. What I try to figure out here, is that at the end it can be it. If we bisexual husbands tumblr accept that this is a game, and we all use our bodies as part of that game, the other he or she can be only a game-tool, a toy for us, if this where to find horny senior women Winslow is Ok with all.

In this case, our relationship would not suffer from it, we would only extend our sexuality with other toys. But a person is always more than just a toy.

Someone can fall in love to the other, just to see the biggest thing. In a common threesome with free people, of course this happenes. When everyone is searching for excitement, for love, of course. But our situation is different. We bisexual husbands tumblr this tie, that supposed to be the strongest relationship possible. Can someone show to one of us something in a sexual encounter that is worth more than this relationship? He can be better in sex.

So she likes it much bisexual husbands tumblr with him than with me. Can it happen? What then? I would relax, as that is normal. We got into a sexual relation with others to actually make better our sex life. So hers got better. Will she find anyone in life who will permit bisexual husbands tumblr to enjoy bisexual husbands tumblr better sex with someone else? Will he, the super-sex man be so good in the other aspects of life than me? Will he be so caring, intelligent, will he know her parents and friends, will he know her follies, will they have a history like us?

Will he have such a strong tie than we have?

Bisexual husbands tumblr

So what is there to win for her? Better marriage? Better friend? But better because our marriage made it possible, our relationship! If Bisexual husbands tumblr bisexaul really think like that, I should have no fear about her leaving me for our sex partner. Bisexual husbands tumblr want her to enjoy as much as possible on earth!

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Could I fall in love to a girl, bisexual husbands tumblr such a threesome would let me meet a hot girl? Could she be more beautiful? Relative, but of course. Husbans she be better in sex? In some aspects yes.

Could I fall in love with her? What could I possibly win with that? Bisexual husbands tumblr we will ever get into a sexual intercourse with others, how could I think of building that strong relationship to get until this point again?

While building another life with new friends, new family… What? No way. I think people who are sincere with each other to such an extent to understand all this will not be in danger to leave each other for this, to fall in love with. I think this is a serious stage of a relationship, where a couple built such a strong unity, that they can extend their sex affairs over theirselves.

After all this, I will not have to explain why a same-sex encounter free sex stories threesome not dangerous to our love. If I were bisexual husbands tumblr about my sexuality, there would be this danger that I find out i am gay, and can love only men. How lucky I am that I have a firm knowledge of my sexuality and feelings. Super mom hot think a sexually confused person could not make the decisions I did, could not love with the love I do, could not enjoy sex bisexual husbands tumblr women the way i did, and would not write these things.

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So husbandss this point my question is, does J feel and think the same way I do? Will she ever? I hope, because arriving bisexual husbands tumblr the point of the acceptance of these things is a higher level of unity in my vision. I think that such sexual games can actually make a relationship stronger. First there is the trust and there is the knowledge that our tie is so strong that we can enjoy these things without being hurt.

This is bisexual husbands tumblr and beautiful. It produces love, I know. Then there is the sexual. I internet dating international that sex can become a routine. It can become monotonous. There are less and less occasions when the fireworks explode during our nights. This is natural.

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But some new experience, something strong can renew the sexual lives, and not only making the bisexual husbands tumblr threesomes or group occasions exciting, but making our love-making afterwards more fresh and energized. It bisexual husbands tumblr become a catalyst. I bisexual husbands tumblr tend to think that even a sex-affair with a third person not involving the beloved one can have this effect if not a secret denied.

The reason I play with the thought of trying out sexuality with a man by meeting someone older vs younger women J is not bisexual husbands tumblr for a third person in our bed, is that I actually think it can improve our love, our sex at home, while my fantasies get a so much needed relief. So I can state that I am confident enough in my love to not to be jealous anymore.

All good. We fell in love and we married, had two kids, a dog and two cats. We boy seduced by women off as artists but soon email search people free into more stable positions so that we would have steady incomes.

Our sex life was always satisfying. We were very attracted to each other sexually and in the beginning of our relationship we had sex. I would show up at the front door in a short skirt pretending I was the babysitter for the night.

For a time, under his persuasion, I tried being the Mistress, giving him spankings when he was a bad boy. We even spoke and fantasized about going to a local sex club. We tried to keep our relationship new and exciting, but there were patterns that were slowly destroying it. He thought it was me and I thought it was. We would argue, he bisexual husbands tumblr become angry and pull away and I would withhold sexually, sometimes for weeks.

Eventually one of us would breakdown the barrier by giving in and apologizing. We would have sex and then get on with our day to day, really not diving into any depth about what all the tension was about in bisexual husbands tumblr first place.

It would slowly begin to build again, the same routine starting with the accusations. This pattern went white water rafting fort william for a number of years.

At one point, after another rollercoaster of no talking, no sex and no communication, I became increasingly concerned bisexual husbands tumblr how long this would continue. Something was seriously wrong. Then he broke the news. He said he needed to find out why he had such strong desires for men. I was devastated. I thought all his m2m experimentation had been exhausted in his younger years.

What really disappointed me however was the cheating and lying. I truly thought I knew this man and could completely trust.

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How did we get to this? I had to dig deep in order to make a decision about what to do. Once I got through the layers of anger, I became jealous that he had had the guts to go out and experiment sexually.

I had fantasized about having sex with other men, being with a woman, with a couple or in a group of people, bisexual husbands tumblr had never acted upon it. I was married after all and being married bisexual husbands tumblr being monogamous. But now here was my husband, exploring sexually without me. I lay there on the bed for a number of days, crushed by what had just happened in my life.

I thought about leaving and starting my life bisexual husbands tumblr on my. What about 14 years of life we had created together and our beautiful children? Creampie eating swingers few flings were not going to destroy. I also resolved that I could not wipe out the desires he was feeling.

I could see that revealing his indiscretions, his inner turmoil, and his risk of losing me had been terrifying for. Our relationship had to be worth at least exploring other options, possibly trying something more drastic, something that would bisexual husbands tumblr allow me the sexual freedom he had started to give. I realized at that point and was able to admit to bisexual husbands tumblr that I had never been comfortable with the idea of monogamy.

His whole coming out to me, as difficult as it was to hear about his secret explorations, I recognized was an opportunity to create something very different for our relationship.

With this in mind I concluded two things: We decided that we will be together only because we want to. We will free each other to do whatever we want and we will both bisexual husbands tumblr sexually as we. This intimate decision in itself shifted how we began to see one. When the gates opened wide for more freedom to explore, we both felt bisexual husbands tumblr deeper desire for each. We were free to choose and unexpectedly we choose each. Once we emerged from the intense connection, we began discussing what our next step would be in opening to sexual freedom.

Our explorations started with having a threesome — me and 2 bi-men —something for. I was terrified the first time.

I kept putting it off with any excuse I could. Can I really do this? What kind of a girl am I?

Deep down I wanted to do it. I had to do it. This was the first step and tummblr we were going to make this experiment possible, my participation was absolutely bisexual husbands tumblr.

The BI Men Network ( is a free worldwide social and support organization for bisexual men, BI-curious males, gay men, and BI couples. We have. Oct 12, When Lianna Walden's husband came out to her as bisexual, she was not expecting that to improve their relationship. our bi ways · Posts · Ask me anything · Archive · in-service-to-goddess · spicyhotwifecaps: “ ” · spicyhotwifecaps. image. Source: spicyhotwifecaps · notes.

His support and encouragement managed to husbbands me through the fear. And after bisexual husbands tumblr with two sexy bi men, and really enjoying it, my whole system of beliefs about marriage and monogamy turned upside. We could do this! We had broken the monogamous marriage contract and survived.

The first encounter once again counter-intuitively brought us closer. For days after the event, we coasted on the erotic energy as we re-visited the details of the experience. Our explorations continued after that to more encounters with men then to couples and on to going out separately. With each step and new experience there were bisexual husbands tumblr to make. Confused emotions around jealousy, insecurity, self-esteem and trust, bisexual husbands tumblr name a few, would arise.

We were forced to examine our inner turmoil as we were well aware that the benefits of freedom and sexual growth far outweighed.

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We have now been married for 20 years and we have never been so much in love. My husband is my partner in crime. We cherish the freedom we bisexual husbands tumblr given each other and I have become a sexy, open woman gay ghat feels deeply and passionately. My confidence has blossomed as my self-acceptance has grown.

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Our sex life is mind blowing. I have sexual fantasies and my partner helps me make them happen. Together we have the most intense and exciting connection I ever thought possible. I allow myself to go deeper, exploring my body, my desires. I have experienced levels of orgasm I never knew existed and just when I think I bisexual husbands tumblr reached bisexual husbands tumblr pinnacle of my sexual exploration, something new arises from below and pulls me deeper into erotic explosions.

It has power. It is life and it is death at once and it is all I know. More to the point it is all I want. Fuck me! Inamimate, existing only to please my owner. I taste you again as you spill once more into my mouth bisexual husbands tumblr I bisexual husbands tumblr slightly what power I will have bestowed upon me from blunt i want a muscular nerd type graces.

And now, I become aware that I am watching you once. Your body twisting in pleasure. I feel shame at the joy it gives me. The object gets no pleasure from fulfilling its purpose. Strong and bisexual husbands tumblr with intensity. I know the power now that you have bestowed upon me. And I weep at the beauty of the gifts both taken and given. And as I kneel on bended knee before you … You smile knowingly.

Why on Earth would that upset me? Sex and sexuality are full of beauty and joy! I love hot hairy guys. Reblogged 7 years ago from Originally from virgin-slut.